Bird Flu Panic Grips French Cat Owners Wednesday that their domestic pets might catch lethal bird flu Some cat owners in France were panicking, bombarding the pet protection society with anxious calls following a lifeless cat in Germany tested positive for the lethal H5N1 strain of avian influenza. We are getting telephone calls from cat owners curious about if there are dangers, people who are thinking and panicking what they must do with their cats, and folks who are abandoning their cats, stated the association’s president, Serge Belais, in a phone interview with The Associated Press. A panic is beginning, he said facts about drugs .

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‘Therefore that’s very good news.’ In 2004, the laboratory did two even more experiments. Utilizing a pigeon and a crow that experienced both passed away in Thailand, experts gave 12 pigeons large dosages of the bird flu virus similarly. Seven became contaminated and one passed away. Five others didn’t become infected. ‘What that tells us is normally that pigeons could be susceptible. But they’re not really uniformly susceptible,’ Swayne stated.’ Infected pigeons carried the virus about 10 times. But they had been infectious for no more than two days and at amounts below what it could normally try infect a chicken. ‘The experimental data isn’t quite strong that pigeons will be spreading this virus around,’ Swayne said.

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