Variety of conditions may surgical surgical complications, anemia routinely used for for heart attack or high blood pressure are are role in helping role in helping to protect the heart. A new study published in the January issue of the journal Anesthesiology examines the effects of beta-blockers on surgical results, revealing that the cardioprotective effect of the drug could be affected by acute surgical anemia.

Scott Beattie, Fraser Elliot Chair in Cardiac Anesthesia said, University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Beattie further explained The natural response of the body the loss of blood the loss of blood and the action beta blockers on the body to create a paradox for the treatment block of the corresponding to anemia to anemia as it happened to the patient, on or in the need for beta-blockers the risk of anemia – induced adverse cardiovascular events.Plavix is an oral antiplatelet agents be used in the United States a variety cardiac and cardiovascular disease. Began in 2006 based Apotex is, a Canadian medicinal products sell clopidogrel but was stopped last month, when a Canadian court had the right of to do it. In 2005, Plavix was the second largest best-selling drug with annual revenues of nearly $ 60 hundred millionth.

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