CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta on Wednesday discussed the health care proposals of the presidential candidates and Barack Obama are not perfect , they to expand extend a serious effort towards health insurance and more U.S. Citizens.

In addition, McCain cited the need to help to care, reduce health care costs focus. He said: We need to encourage the simple things, such as membership in a gym. McCain praised the Cleveland Clinic for the adoption of electronic health records, which he maintained to reduce medical errors, the quality of care and to a reduction in medical malpractice insurance premiums (Cleveland Plain Dealer.The main issue, trade-offs be taken into account and met. Since of this policy letter showing, determined policies in support nurses with a trade-offs get and that should keep that in mind.

Informal nurturing provided of relatives and friends to the care remains the backbone the elderly and until recently is has been the TEN be overlooked by the policy – TWA under the long-term care for dependent elderly persons? Concerns over the viability of long-term care servic? There and more self-confident and sophisticated Maintainer movements in individual countries has moved informal carers to the forefront.

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