The study included data on infants born at 23 academic perinatal centers in the U.S., weeks of gestation between January 1993 and December 2009 with a birth weight of 401 grams and 1,000 grams of these children were from mothers antenatal corticosteroids were born in 4924 born of 5691 infants between 1993-2008, who had survived 18 to 22 months neurodevelopmental evaluations. – when the team discovered that the death rate or neurological impairment was lower in infants born 23, 24 and 25 weeks of gestation, whose mothers received antenatal corticosteroids than children with no exposure , however, in infants born at 22 weeks of pregnancy, death or neurologic was similar was comparable (90.2 percent versus 93, – write researchers..

Although investigators warn: , although intact survival with the administration of antenatal steroids in the entire cohort doubled, relatively low relatively low – They conclude researchers:.After a postdoctoral research at the University of Washington, he joined faculty in the Department of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin – hotels in Madison. During that time it also served as program director from the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC It was a prestigious Presidential Young Investigator Award of NSF honored in 1991. He joined UCR in 2001. Co-editor of research At present concentrated of the physiological, neurobiological and reverse genetic analyzes from activities, comparative study of movement in the snakes, lizards and fish, like Criteria between the types between species, and that placental development in certain fish.

The free public lecture is obliged of the college of nature conservation and Agricultural Sciences and of the Science Circle, to a group of university and community members, hosting the Advancement of Science in UCR and domestic Southern California. He joined the second of three lectures in which series – The Science of Evolution II: Application of Evolutionary Spotlight. remaining talk time remaining talk time, The Silent Majority: How to symbiosis germs Evolve for using and Hurt, planned for 12 November.

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