Described how he and his colleagues from the CREATIS have a model percent 2ign to the method currently in respiratory motion into account when calculating the safety distances asymmetry develops during radiotherapy. ‘When a patient breathes during radiation, Bouilhol said:’The tumor may also move. The standard way to calculate the treatment margins for percent 2 Regardless of the method of technological advances, such as 4-D imager, which makes ‘ cine ‘images of internal organs movement and treatment units, the radiation of the organ movement can be monitored this movement and settlement can be synchronized.

Unlike treatment free breathing , wherein the patient is breathing normally, spares DIBH heart irradiate by reducing its volume and motion in the area, and the lung expansion involved in air holding results in a decrease of the relative lung volume, which is irradiated, explain chemical. In fact, the problem largely eliminate the problem of respiratory motion by using this technique that allows us to reduce irradiated to the volume of the healthy organ around the target volume while improving treatment precision allows. This is especially important in breast cancer cases, where the life expectancy of most patients is long. Ziou surface and colleagues collected data on 31 patients with DIBH between October 2007 and June 2010, treated at the Institut Sainte Catherine.As many as it 91 per cent of patients with minor memory impairment that the risk markers were AD Alzheimer’s had in one ten year period. Than healthy individuals. Oskar Hansson previous introduced a study shows that pathological changes brain out of an Alzheimer’s patient for five saw seen before the diagnosis. The new study was order doubled in this time period of ten years.

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