CIC proposes requirements to boost endpoints for cancers immunotherapy trials The Cancer Analysis Institute Cancers Immunotherapy Consortium , the leading global initiative in advancing the emerging field of immuno-oncology, has proposed criteria for improved endpoints for cancer immunotherapy trials, which were published online on September 8 in the Journal of the National Tumor Institute. These improved clinical trial endpoints help to distinguish between the effects of chemotherapy and immunotherapy and address long-needed modifications of regular endpoints such as survival and anti-tumor response article . In addition, they introduce harmonization requirements for immune response assays to greatly help create immune response as a biomarker in clinical trials.

CIBER completes key IT projects for leading healthcare organizations CIBER, Inc. today announced it has recently completed key IT projects for leading healthcare institutions to develop and implement solutions which have helped the clients reduce costs, improve speed to advertise and engage consumers. CIBER’s solutions for healthcare organizations are made to address the key motorists that propel the healthcare industry. CIBER’s health care solutions leverage its encounter and talent in business architecture, IT outsourcing, enterprise flexibility, business analytics and digital advertising. ‘CIBER’s solutions and services allow our clients to focus on managing business transformation without sacrificing essential resources to the change process,’ said Dan Hoover, Vice President, Health care Practice, CIBER.

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