The Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson said: the new Foundation Programme, the proposals in my report, Unfinished Business implemented a new era for doctors in the early phases of training We now have secure funding. Happened there. .

Each postgraduate trainee can expect a structured program of managed education. It will allow them internships previously unavailable, as experiencing academic medicine and smaller specialties. Most importantly, it provides an internship in general practice for a little more than half of all trainees in the first year. This will increase considerably in the following year as a general practice placements are expected to both popular and educationally effective – 27 million in 2006/07 will released, and the rest for the 2007/08 year are published.With the amount and timing of distribution of vaccine release still in question, policymakers priorities as which fight should be be vaccinated if is set. With a complex mathematical model of, researchers examined which clinical and cost effectiveness of H1N1 vaccine in mid – October to mid-November 2009 be determined. The researchers studied of a hypothetical specimen of 8.3 million people under the age from 100 living in a large UScity similar New York City. The investigators found that the vaccine. 40 per cent the population in October and 35 % November, such as that vaccine later in opposition will save costs and could be to shorten the pandemic Experts agree that that would be the majority population by an effective vaccine for H1N1 to prevent the most morbidity and mortality rates out of H1N1.

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