There are still so many unanswered questions about concussion and the long-term consequences of repeated head injuries, said Dr. Tator We’re trying to find out why some athletes develop in sports with CTE and others do not, and how many concussions lead at the start of this degenerative brain disease. We also need to develop tests the condition this condition at an early stage treatments. .

CTE to memory impairment, emotional instability, erratic behavior, depression and problems with impulse control lead. CTE may eventually progress to full-blown dementia. Hazrati is very clear, but to emphasize 2010, the exact relationship between concussions and neurodegeneration remains to be further research future research.‘HIV of an international priority of, because we have to no defense against her,’said Paul Paul ‘Left unchecked is likely still virulent forms We who to develop much from the research about how production production said protective abzymes on the demand growth this is is the Holy Grail HIV research. Developing a preventive HIV A vaccine. ‘.

Important contribute to research from subtitles Medical School in include Yasuhiro Nishiyama, and by Hiroaki Taguchi used, both to the the Department and Laboratory Medicine, and Miguel Escobar, Department of Pediatrics, Maria Sala and Hanson. Laboratory, viral and rickettsial disease Laboratory, contributed to. The magazine article being titled ‘A catalytic antibodies against HIV: physiology role and potential clinical benefit.’by the National Institutes by the National Institutes of Health and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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