‘As well as BCBSIL and our additional companions, Mano a Mano offers the resources and equipment that Lake County immigrants have to raise healthy family members and build solid communities,’ says Mano a Mano Executive Director Megan McKenna de Mejia, ‘We applaud and thank BCBSIL because of their expense in a health insurance and sustainable Lake County.’ Sargent Shriver National Focus on Poverty Regulation receives a $50,000 grant for HealthHub: Complex Assistance and Teaching for ACA Enrollment Professionals and Community-Based Companies.All rural communities involved with poultry production have to be aware of the threat and have to follow good hygienic and agricultural procedures to stop the entry of virus into their poultry flocks and to avoid human publicity if sickness is usually detected. The movement of poultry in outbreak areas should cease unless permitted by veterinarians. The movement of birds as presents through the holiday season is recognized as a major risk for spreading the virus. Each village should enhance biosecurity and should apply strict motion control measures in order to avoid contact between poultry systems.

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