In addition, Saha filed for a U.S. Patent on his fluoride-sensing process in June 2010, he hopes next year whether to know the patent can be granted if. Is, the next step is likely to be his discovery of an outside company for commercial potential test it for commercial potential and then, if all goes well, they develop into a marketable product licensing.

A malignant and potentially fatal bone cancer – and cancers of the lung and bladder much fluoride over a length of time has to the development of to the development of osteosarcoma in connection. For these reasons and others, Fluoride has not formally approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of osteoporosis in the United States.. Fluoride is prescribed in multiple drugs to treat the brittle – bone disease osteoporosis. Given in the correct amounts, the fluoride, in order to stimulate the formation of new bone tissue. If, however, to build up high levels of fluoride in body tissues, to to cause a variety of health disorders, including skeletal fluorosis, the pain and damage to bones and joints.The School of Podologie the first undergraduate podiatry Programme in Ireland in Ireland BSc BSc at Podiatry . The students can of entry during the four – annual price the academic year 2008-9 and starting an annual ingestion of of 25 students is planned to use.

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