* Applying of hair mask of ground fenugreek seeds occasionally will help to prevent hair hammering * By limiting the exposure of hair to high temperature styling equipment you can prevent the eradication of it. * You should include more than enough proteins in your diet which is required for the health of hair. * Try in order to avoid chemical containing shampoos and soaps, instead try to stick to natural products. * You should also make sure that you are having enough zinc and copper consumption. You can halt losing hair to some extent Thus. However, many things are not in our control and the hairs might start falling because of various reasons. In such cases, you depends on HAIR THINNING Products to avoid the same. Currently there are many crops available in the market and you ought to go with top quality products.To learn more visit:.

Calbiotech awarded a SBIR agreement to develop analyte specific reagents for the medical diagnosis of Dengue virus Calbiotech, Inc. Announced today that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovative Research Phase I contract by the U.S. Army Medical Analysis and Material command. Under terms of the agreement, Calbiotech will establish analyte specific reagents for the diagnosis of Dengue virus. Dengue virus is normally a mosquito-born flavivirus that represents a major threat to military forces deployed to tropical areas of the world. Due to its worldwide distribution, U.S. Armed service and civilian personnel deployed overseas are at high risk of being infected. The global prevalence of Dengue has grown dramatically in recent years, spreading from 9 for some 40 countries.

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