, provided is greater in rural areas than citiesIn a paper published this week’s PLoS Medicine, the researchers report that in dengue-endemic areas such as South-East Asia, in contrast to previous assumptions that live in rural areas have a higher risk have an infection with dengue than those in cities. Dengue fever is a viral infection causing sudden high fever, severe headache , and muscle and joint pain that can develop into a life-threatening disease called dengue hemorrhagic fever.

The new CDC report high blood pressure seems to be the AHA position check. The high blood pressure study says when people limit their salt intake to the recommended 2,300 mg per day, 11 million hypertension cases could be reduced. But if everyone just 1,500 mg of salt per day, total of 16, U.S. Adult population could be consumed hypertension hypertension.PNA FISH is an easy – to use and highly sensitive and specific fluorescence in situ hybridization assay, PNA probes in target species given ribosomal RNA used in in bacteria yeasts. PNA FISH tests allow microbiology laboratories to provide rapid and accurate identification of bloodstream germs deliver directly from positive blood cultures in hours instead of. Clinical research shows that a fast identification from blood-borne pathogens using PNA FISH tests more appropriate outpatient treatment that saves lives and reduces unnecessary of antibiotics, patient length of residence leads and hospital costs.

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