Pineal body – locates a small endocrine gland in the brain ed medication with discount . It secretes melatonin, and is thought to be involved in controlling the body ‘s sleep.

Thyroid gland – an endocrine gland located below the Adam’s apple in the throat, it produces hormones that play an important role in regulatiing blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, and how the body responds to other hormones. The thyroid gland uses iodine to make hormones. The two main hormones are thyroxine and triiodythyronine. The thyroid also produces calcitonin, which stimulates bone cells to add calcium to bones, and calcium metabolism regulation. Endocrine Disorders There are three major groups of endocrine disorders:.

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TD2, TGen, the Phoenix -based drug development subsidiary with COTI work is led by Dr. Of the its Investigational New Drug enables research necessary in order U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval out of clinical trials, may be to the end of 2010, complete and including moving the medication the market where is will benefit patients.

On COTI -2COTI -2 is a new kind small molecule that by inhibiting Akt / PKB results phosphorylation of, resultant to caspase – 9 activation in cancer cells works in the apoptosis and programmed cell death. COTI -2 are synthesized readily and has good. In vitro or in vivo performance against several cancers , including NSCLC, non-small cell lung, cerebral, ovarian, endometrial and pancreas cancer These markets could representing a market size of more than $ 21 billion in 2018th COTI 2 test results show to be highly effective as a monotherapy and as a combination therapy in several animal models of human cancers. COTI 2 differs from other Crab treatment to additional treatments contain killing all the expanding and dividing cells of the body, What do human considerable toxic effects while COTI-2 appears to target and destroy cancerous cells and has shown low toxicity into regular cells to human cancer cells compared. Working scientific evidence indicates COTI 2 be ideal resources of the current default agents for a multitude of cancers. COTI is currently examining in the in the risk / reward through history a license agreement for COTI-2. Request is either a non – sensitive information packet or discussing partnered on COTI -2 Contact in Michael Barr, Director of Business Development and Marketing.

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