The Hospital’s Cancer Center has recently begun using proton treatment at the new Roberts Proton Therapy Center, a cutting-advantage radiation oncology facility located across the street from Children’s Hospital in Penn Medicine’s Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine. With a kid identified as having a brain tumor, parents often face a cruel dilemma. Conventional radiation treatment that offers survival often risks serious side effects, including harm to surrounding healthy tissue, along with impairments to hearing, vision, growth and cognition.The Condition of California, too, has urged fresh tests of aspartame. The FDA also rejected NIEHS’s proposal to check acesulfame potassium, which CSPI says was abysmally analyzed by its producer and showed indications of causing tumor in animals. Obviously, the FDA just hears what it wants to hear when it comes to protecting the extremely profitable aspartame market. Anyone who has studied a bit of aspartame background know that aspartame was pushed through the FDA by none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Just click here to read more content articles on aspartame and its dubious history. Since the very beginning, the FDA has done everything in its capacity to protect the aspartame market, including denying authorization for the natural herbal sweetener stevia in an effort to suppress your competition and protect the marketplace for corporate-manufactured chemical substance sweeteners like aspartame.

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