Non-GAAP operating income increased 13 % to $532 million. On a GAAP basis, operating earnings increased 3 % to $471 million, and diluted EPS from continuing procedures increased twenty five % to $0.99. The reported EPS numbers include contribution of approximately $0.18 linked to settlements with taxes authorities for several outstanding audit periods. We are off to an outstanding start to fiscal 2014, with both segments achieving solid margin expansion and income growth in the initial quarter. Our Pharmaceutical segment performance demonstrated balance over the continuing businesses, with robust outcomes in both our generic and branded programs.62 to $3.72. This assistance range reflects the firm's unchanged assumption of 34.5 to 36 % non-GAAP effective tax rate range given expectations of further volatility in the quarterly tax rate for the rest of the year.By including data from all of CCNC's systems, standardizing it, and making it available in interoperable formats, IMAT can help CCNC reduce mistakes and increase efficiency. The use of IMAT also provides CCNC with a much higher confidence in the standard of the info they have assisting their comprehensive analytics capabilities. ‘Our objective can be to bring actionable insights to the point-of-care, not bring clinicians even more data just. Smarter data use gets the potential to drive better and better care, enhancing outcomes and reducing costs’, said Frank Jackson, Chief Details Officer for CCNC. ‘IMAT is a state-of-the-art device so you can get the most out of our data and enhancing population health management.’ Kurt Garbe, CEO of IMAT Solutions, commented, ‘Total data interoperability is one of the chief issues in the healthcare sector today.

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