* Bee pollen is effective for loosing weight since it normally balances hormones and chemical substances in the body. It improves the fat burning capacity and helps reduce food cravings also. * Many studies show that bee pollen is quite effective in decreasing cholesterol amounts. * The sexual health advantages of bee pollen are well documented. It boosts fertility and will relieve PMS. Experts have discovered that bee pollen is quite effective in assisting prevent prostate complications. In one research, over 50 percent of males who received bee pollen experienced a dramatic improvement in sperm fertility and could actually perform better sexually after just one single month.Lead characters who smoke tend to become likeable, rebellious, attractive successful and/or, while smoking’s detrimental effects on health have a tendency to be ignored in movies. There is mounting evidence suggesting that adolescents whose favourite actors or actresses smoke on screen are even more inclined to consider up smoking cigarettes themselves.

AssureRx closes $12.5M Series C financing AssureRx Health, Inc. Today announced the closing of a $12.5 million Series C financing. The financing was led by Four Rivers Group and existing traders Claremont Creek Ventures and Sequoia Capital. The financing also included participation of existing traders Cincinnati Children’s Hospital INFIRMARY, Mayo Clinic, CincyTech, Allos Ventures, along with fresh investors Capital and Alafi Capital jVen.

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