Has Migraine Protect Your Memory?Women with a lifetime history of migraine showed less performance decline over time on cognitive tests than women who do not have migraine. Researchers say medications for migraine, diet and behavior changes may play a role in helping to protect women with migraine to play their memory. The results are published in the April 24 edition published by neurologists, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

For more information about the American Academy of Neurology, visit – American Academy of Neurology 1080 Montreal Ave.DHW fluorosis is the most common Attraction fluorosis and been extensively studied, the exciter identified application of rules of high content of dissolved Fluor ionic in ground water and to the pathogens path assimilation of fluoride ions due to human digestive systems. Some other type of fluorosis, coal burning of endemic fluorosis China indoor domestic use of high fluorine carbon causing and the ruling thirteen provinces in southern China, but is forward only 1946, and its pathogenesis is not yet fully understood. The pathogens mechanism is generalizes as far as indoor domestic use of high fluorine coal releases fluoride / fluoride through combustion and hence polluted food stored indoor as corn and chilli, that diet from those consequently results in fluorosis. Precise the form of fluorine is released of carbon, however, remains unknown Date of, and that most studies focused in coal burning the endemic fluorosis previously on a total fluoride.

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