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Arteriocyte awarded DARPA funding for company’s blood pharming technology Arteriocyte announced today a $1,950,000 award from DARPA for the business’s Nanofiber Based System technology for the Creation of Red Bloodstream Cells project. DARPA’s Blood Pharming program aims to build up an automated tradition and packaging system which will yield a easily available, donorless supply of universal donor red blood cells in the armed service theatre . Arteriocyte is usually developing its NANEX technology to be able to give a continuous manufacturing system to enable the improved way to obtain universal donor red blood units. Continue reading

Today announced the completion of most one-year follow-up appointments for patients signed up for its two multi-center Stage III research evaluating the basic safety and efficacy of corneal collagen cross-linking for the treating progressive keratoconus and ectasia pursuing refractive surgery. Keratoconus can be a degenerative disease of the attention and may be the leading reason behind corneal transplants in america today. Ectasia pursuing refractive medical procedures is a complication pursuing various types of medical procedures, including LASIK, a medical procedure for correcting myopia and hyperopia . Continue reading

The trial was funded by the Medical Analysis Council, Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Program, and BUPA Foundation. The trial involved 4,011 patients with severe stroke, both ischaemic and haemorrhagic . Individuals were randomly assigned to receive a glyceryl trinitrate 5mg skin patch or no patch for 7 days. Individuals who were already on medicine for high blood circulation pressure before their stroke were also randomly assigned to either continue or stop this for seven days after the stroke. Leading the trial, Stroke Association Professor of Stroke Medication Philip Bath, stated: ‘We found that in individuals with severe stroke and high blood circulation pressure, treatment with glyceryl trinitrate patches experienced acceptable safety but did not improve functional result. Continue reading

Makes the very best 20 at 15th place with 105 % debt-to-GDP ratio . For the constant state of personal debt in U.S. States, according to the chart, Nebraska gets the lowest amount of personal debt and Hawaii the best. What’s incorrect with hedging against an financial collapse? In between is certainly Texas and California , however the picture is much even worse in California. As reported by Fox Information, it is among the most severe offenders for the quantity of debts it provides amassed and for underreporting it to the general public: Illinois was among the worst offenders, based on the report. Continue reading

CDC: 15th meningitis death reported A fifteenth loss of life has been blamed on the outbreak of fungal meningitis, based on the latest figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dose of cafergot . The CDC said Saturday that the outbreak provides spread to 13 claims, with 197 instances reported. Deaths have already been reported in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee and Virginia. Additional cases have already been cited in Idaho, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Illinois now Initial lawsuit filed against Mass. Pharmacy amid mounting criticism Steroid injections tied to meningitis outbreak might cause joint infection New allegations in deadly meningitis outbreak.. Continue reading

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