The patented formulation is normally nontoxic and biodegradable, offering a large number of potential medical applications.. BioSante publishes oral insulin study BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Provides announced the publication of excellent results of a preclinical research of its proprietary calcium phosphate nanoparticle delivery program for the oral delivery of insulin in the June 11 problem of the peer-examined International Journal of Pharmaceutics. An abstract of the analysis is on the journal’s Site. ‘The results of the study enhance the mounting evidence our exclusive technology may represent a significant advance in the advancement of an easy, pain-free option to injected products such as for example insulin for diabetics presently, permitting them to live a far more comfortable lifestyle,’ stated Dr.Zeolite is known as one of the best remedy to enhance the immunity. Zeolites are created to extract heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the physical body. Zeolites help to remove toxic metals and chemical substances by attaching with them. Zeolite contaminants have a poor charge on them and they attach themselves with the positive metallic elements present in the body and helps within their elimination from your body. You can buy zeolite products to keep up healthy immune system. These help to balance the acid foundation balance in the body. Zeolite products are natural and do not produce any unwanted effects.

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