Joined 6900000000 costs wasted in health care were less improvement seen Under Top events.. Texting4Health use the same approach as the previous two programs on HIV / AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns in Uganda. The results of the demonstration is Texting4Health with the Ministers of the Member States of the United Nations at the Annual Ministerial Review meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council in Geneva will be released in July 2009.

The United Nations ‘ Texting4Health In Uganda, Start The UN starts on Wednesday, July 2009, to reach ten days initiative, 000 people in Uganda through mobile phones, range scope and potential use of mobile phones in health information and advertising activities. Texting4Health invites residents of the second largest commercial town of Jinja in Uganda participate short health quiz using text messages. These reports are provided free of charge and are designed to serve the public health information campaign..About Colorectal Cancer ScreeningStage II colon cancer indicates cancer cells have grew through the wall of colon or rectum but not yet spread to nearby lymph nodes. At stage III, cancer has divided one or more of of the local lymph nodes but not forced their way to faraway stations. Metastatic colorectal cancer mean that the cancer has nodes and / or nodes and / or organs in your body.

The MOSAIC study revealed that by was a median follow – up of six years, stage III colon cancer patient dealt with FOLFOX4 a 20 % reduction in risk the dying compared to those of using a standard chemotherapy only after 77 months follow up. Stage III colon The MOSAIC six-year follow-up data suggest that as adjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer stage III, who Eloxatin -based regimen significantly reduced the risk of out of died and return, said lead investigator Aimery de Gramont, Oncology, the hospital Saint Antoine, French.

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