Laryngeal stroboscopy. To obtain a more accurate view of the vocal cords doing his thing, doctors pass the flexible or rigid scope attached to a strobe light in to the throat. The strobe light flickers in sync with the vibration of the vocal cords as a person speaks, rendering it much easier for doctors to determine the frequency of movement. Because specific vibrations are too fast for the naked attention to observe, the strobe technology projects the vibrations in slow motion. BackContinuePracticing Vocal Hygiene Treatment for hoarseness caused by vocal cord nodules involves making behavioral changes so that the vocal cords can heal.‘Our goal is for connecting a college with a city recreation area not only for physical activity, but as a connection point for learners and parents to get advice, access and assist with good nutrition,’ said Beverly Gor, executive director of CAN DO Houston and post-doctoral fellow in the CRMH, which is certainly part of M. D. Anderson’s Department of Health Disparities Research in the Division of Cancers Prevention and Populace Sciences. ‘We are fortunate to really have the Houston Independent School District and the town of Houston Parks and Recreation Section as partners in this initiative.’ HISD’s Briscoe Elementary, one of two pilot colleges introduced to the CAN Perform Houston initiative in 2008, bused children to Mason Park for exercise and sponsored student contests to win prizes to make healthy choices.

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