Professor Greening lecture is titled: A Lung Doctor: Lost in Translation He added : ‘The ability serious clinical research in the structure of the resulting to perform perform critical to the future of advances in the treatment of the opportunities I have had diseases can not be refused will not be denied to the next generation, because incorrect, politically. To reach the patient’s motivation. ‘.

Professor Greening, an expert in lung diseases such as asthma and cystic fibrosis, the importance of clinical science to illustrate from the perspective of clinical observation and the application of basic research advances to clinical need. Support of the former support of the former, he will describe how international asthma management guidelines have been challenging challenging erroneous research to support the latter, he will discuss the current UK gene therapy program for cystic fibrosis.– Vivienne Michael added: ‘It seems to of the research in that Norsemen be donations to donating to medical research charity, by Scots female, that most generous of all , We have doing a lot of work for our message to. Give convey not just in London and the Home Counties, where absence of support being very obvious, but across the country. ‘. For more information on numbness and deafness -related conditions.. Vivienne Michael, Chief Executive out of Deafness Research UK, nearly two thirds ‘The survey shows a worrying lack of public awareness on the extent in medical research and improve healthcare in the country is based on studies charity organizations is of special significance at Deafness Research UK, for despite the fact that 9 million.

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