Bushfire warning – smoke might trigger asthma symptoms As Australia’s summer temperatures rise and the drought persists, Australia once more is facing the threat of bushfires. While bushfires rage in South Australia and western Victoria already, warnings of fire danger and bushfire ratings remain high in the united states. As well as the very real risk to homes and lives, there is an extra risk that the smoke from these fires provides. The National Asthma Council is certainly warning people with asthma and various other respiratory problems to be particularly careful especially in areas suffering from bushfire smoke. Related StoriesUtah researchers awarded NIH grant to build up informatics platform to recognize cause of pediatric asthmaFour types of gut bacterias can safeguard infants from asthmaSecondhand smoke exposure doubles risk of hospitalization for children with asthmaResearch executed on smoke and its influence on asthma in Darwin through the dry period of 2000 found a significant 140 percent upsurge in asthma presentations to the Royal Darwin Medical center on very hazy times.Paterson first hit on the thought of using Listeria as a cancer vaccine vector over a decade ago. ‘It took a while to dissect what elements of an immune response had been best able to cause the rejection of set up tumors,’ she says. ‘However in the last year or two it has paid and we are very excited to see the technology finally being examined in cancer tumor patients. The imagine the malignancy immunotherapist is to provide an alternative and more humane method of controlling metastatic disease than current chemotherapies.’ The Listeria vector is currently being prepared for a medical trial targeting a tumor antigen connected with cervical tumor by Advaxis Inc., a cancer vaccine biotech organization that has licensed Penn patents on the use of Listeria monocytogenes as a vaccine vector.

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