Teach young kids to clean their hands well and frequently, especially after using the bathroom and before eating. Professional Treatment Doctors usually prescribe antiparasitic medication to be studied orally to kill intestinal roundworms. Sometimes the stool can be re-examined about 3 weeks after treatment to check on for worms and eggs. Symptoms disappear within a week of starting treatment usually. Very rarely, surgical removal of the worms may be necessary . A young child who has ascariasis should be checked for various other intestinal parasites, such as pinworm. Home Treatment If your child has ascariasis, the remedies prescribed ought to be given as directed. To prevent reinfection: Make sure that your son or daughter washes their hands often, specifically after using the bathroom and before eating.California Healthline: Will Basic Health Program Hurt, Help Exchange? An analysis of a proposed Basic Health System and its own impact on medical Benefit Exchange presents a mixed handbag of pros and cons for exchange leaders and legislators. The nascent Basic Health Program, if exceeded by the Legislature, would focus on a large %age of possible exchange participants. So the question lawmakers have already been wrestling with is normally: Would that be considered a great or a bad issue for the exchange, and for Californians? That’s the query tackled by the exchange itself.

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