Applied BioCode receives U.S. ‘These patents solidify our intellectual property portfolio by further protecting our encoded polymer bead technology and providing our products with long term market value.’ Related StoriesReducing protocol time for 96-well PCR AssaysEfficient respiratory analysis solutionPoint-of-care diagnostics for Ebola Applied BioCode’s new 12-digit Barcoded Magnetic Beads have got 4,096 separate barcodes, enabling the simultaneous analysis as high as 4,096 DNA or protein targets within a sample. Barcoded Magnetic Beads not only offer an all-in-one panel assay, but also for a higher also degree of automation and lower cost. The BioCode analyzers provide clinical and life technology analysis laboratories with a wide selection of bioassay applications including personal medicine, oncology, infectious diseases, genetic assays and biomarker validation..Notice: The hapless California guy on whose video was blamed for the strike, is seated in prison, victimized by the administration that lied to hide its Benghazi failure.

Cognitive declines not linked to surgery in older adults, say researchers For years, it has been widely assumed that older adults might experience storage loss and various other cognitive problems following medical procedures. But a new study from experts at Washington University School of Medication in St.

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