Foster stated he agreed that Congress must take decisive action in reducing the federal budget, ‘but we should keep an eye on the sacrifices borne by the men and women who have served and sacrificed in America’s military.’.. American Legion opposes suggestion to freeze VA health-care spending Giving an answer to a proposal by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota to freeze VA health-care spending and cut veterans disability payments to help reduce federal government spending, American Legion national commander Jimmie L. Foster said his corporation opposes the initiative. ‘It is absurd to recommend such a thing whenever we are fighting two wars and creating even more veterans every day who have served their country honorably and have already earned their benefits,’ said Jimmie Foster, nationwide commander of The American Legion, the country’s largest veterans service organization.Jerry Brown cannot infringe on constitutional and civil liberties with wide laws overly, especially if less-restrictive method of reaching the compelling interest can be found. ‘Consider the next examples. There are 1.2 million Us citizens with HIV and 178 this year with the measles. As vaccines slow or halt the spread of measles Just, prophylactics slow or halt HIV,’ he notes. ‘But could the federal government mandate that everyone make use of condoms to avoid the spread of HIV? Of course not really. Such intimate decisions are not for government to make.’ He also wrote that about 56, 000 Americans die yearly from the flu or from pneumonia.

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