CCPA studies highlight need for improving federal workplace safety On the eve of the National Day of Mourning for employees killed on the job, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is releasing two research highlighting the necessity for improved health insurance and security enforcement and regulation. According to Achievement is No Incident, by CCPA Study Associate David Macdonald, federal government underfunding and understaffing of protection inspectors are putting federal jurisdiction workers in harm’s method . The price of disabling injuries in federally regulated workplaces increased by 5 percent between 2002 and 2007 while the provinces have managed to cut their disabling workplace injuries by typically 25 percent over the same time frame.

Difficile and norovirus among older people. Based on the Mayo Clinic, gastroenteritis frequently can’t be treated and doctors are hesitant to prescribe antibiotics if bacteria are the cause because it could lead to resistant strains. That is why prevention is so important. Washing the hands thoroughly, avoiding sharing towels and food, utensils, and plates, staying away from close contact with those who are sick are the best ways to prevent. For people overseas traveling, drink just bottled or carbonated water -actually when brushing your tooth, avoid ice cubes, raw foods like fruit and veggies that could have been grown in infected soil or touched by contaminated hands, and steer clear of undercooked meat or seafood. WebMD has more on gastroenteritis. 10 dangerous but common food security mistakes Not maintaining your food safe can lead to uncomfortable – and potentially deadly – consequences..

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