An outspoken doctor calls the pharmaceutical industry a national fraud that promotes disease and prevents prevention As pharmaceutical companies continue their march toward profitability and domination over our ‘modern’ health care system, a lot more doctors are speaking away against them. Probably the most interesting and outspoken doctors is usually Dr. Rath . Dr. Rath, who’s based outside the USA, has started the Dr. Rath Foundation, and has made it his mission to fight the ongoing dominance and impact of the pharmaceutical market.

An enlarging mole with a globular pattern Melanomas with pigmented globules differ from moles in being having and asymmetrical a disordered multicomponent pattern. Case presentation A 35-year-old woman was seen two months postpartum with a mole, which had enlarged during her pregnancy, on her behalf right thigh. The mole was longstanding and measured 6 mm in diameter . Dermoscopy showed a pigmented nodule with an asymmetrical outline including a set peripheral component. There have been numerous irregularly shaped and sized darkish globules that coalesced and extended focally to the border. The medical specimen showed huge irregular nests of atypical pigmented melanocytes both within the epidermis and underlying dermis, with a lymphocytic infiltrate .

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