The new quality standards for the management of:1 Second breast cancer Type 1 and 2 diabetes 3rd Chronic kidney disease is the fourth End of life care fifth Glaucoma sixth Depression 7th Chronic heart failure eighth Alcohol dependence 9 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .

Thesenounces development of other quality standardsNICE nine new nine new quality standards that they develop during 2010/11. This was after the Department of Health after consultation with the National Quality Board NICE.NICE quality standards are markers of excellent care. They are produced in conjunction with the NHS and social professions, together with its partners and users. They are derived from the best available evidence, usually NICE guidance or other accredited by accredited by NHS Evidence. Quality standards define the structures and processes of care, as well as the best results for the patient, likely likely to to bring.Overuse be the third biggest cause the accidental injuries in the emergency department the emergency room in the USA portion of an estimated 3.3 million visitors a year, according Injury Facts, 2011 edition. Most of the overuse injuries are the result lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying.

– Vintage and / and warm up before heavy lifting or strenuous activity – Lift with bended legs and object instead of close to your body – Avoid using bending, is reached and turning during lifting – Ask someone friend of help during lifting.

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