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In the first test the dogs quite a different dog and landscape pictures were shown. They continued to possibilities the dog photographs, demonstrating that they could their knowledge gained in the training phase to a new set of visual stimuli, even though they never saw these particular images.

To test whether dogs visually categorize pictures and their knowledge to new situations, four dogs landscape landscape and dog photographs, and expected to make a selection on a computer touch screen. Continue reading

Which in a number of different cell types, , T-, T – lymphocytes specific for potassium channels varying the voltage membrane of cells, says Li, which in turn is necessary for the progress of the particular cell into the next phase of a cell cycle. .

Of tumors.l skills could help stem their safe clinical use Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered the presence of functional ion channels in human embryonic stem cells . These ion channels act like electrical wires and permit ESCs versatile cells that lead to the unique ability all cell types all cell types of the body, and passing electric currents have. Continue reading

Mr. Victor Chong: Mr. Victor Chong is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Head of Laser and Retinal Research Unit at King’s College Hospital, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London. He is also the head of the regional macular Service for South East London and West Kent.

There is currently no treatment for dry AMD, although patients can be treated with a variety of visual aids, the use of parts of the retina, making not the disease the disease. Continue reading

Our research suggests that methyl groups, the messages of the CACNA2D3 gene dampen added – blocking the possible protective effect against breast cancer.

Methylation of the gene could be used up to flag to breast cancer patients who a better chance of of the disease have spread. Decide help doctors what treatment plan would be most effective . Continue reading

– people who will abuse alcohol treated in a respectful, non-judgmental manner and receive oral and written information in accordance with its terms. – Adults get access to the specialized alcohol treatment services in a motivational intervention as part of their initial evaluation.

The draft quality standard on alcohol dependence has 21 statements to improve the care of people drinking harmful or alcohol dependence, including the following:. Continue reading

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